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Sunday, November 22, 2009
Stocking Stuffers for Paintball Players
If you need to buy holiday presents for a paintball player, here are some items that aren't too expensive, but all ballers need. The focus here is on useful, not flashy. This is stuff that can help make a newer player more self-sufficient.

Almost (if not) all paintball markers are held together with hex screws which require allen keys to loosen or tighten. This allen key set from Sears has 11 keys ranging from .05" all the way to three eighths. It includes all the sizes typically needed by paintball players. It's the set I use. $15 at Sears.com.

Paintball markers have many threaded connections which must be airtight at high pressures. The best way to accomplish that is with a thread-locker liquid. One of the best is Loctite 242, also known as "blue" Loctite. Easily creates airtight connections, but can quickly be cracked with a little force when you need to remove a part. Perfect for attaching macroline fittings to ASAs or regulators, or securing pressure gauges or port plugs. $6 at Amazon.com.

Another great general-purpose product is Triflow lubricant. A drop or two on your tank threads will help insure that it will be easy to attach and detach your tank from your gun. Also good for lubing Intimidator bolts. $8 at Amazon.com.

Speaking of lube, Dow 55 and Dow 33 are staples among paintball airsmiths. Dow 55 is a viscous lube which swells o-rings. It's the recommended lube for everything inside an Intimidator except the bolt. Dow 33 is a lighter lube which does not swell o-rings. It's also known as Sl33k or Dye Slick Lube. Five ounce tubes of either are less than $25 from Manhattan Supply, or you can find smaller tubs at O-ring Monkey.

If you're working on your own guns, sooner or later you're going to need to replace some o-rings. It can be hard to figure out which o-ring goes where, but O-ring Monkey has well-labeled boxed kits for most popular markers. While you're there, grab an o-ring pick, too.

You probably can't shoot what you can't see. Fog Tech is a great product for preventing fog from building up inside a paintball player's mask. Comes in fluid form, or in pre-treated wipes. A real lifesaver on hot days. $15 for the solution, or $6 for 5 moist towelettes, both at Amazon.com.

This last idea is a bit of a luxury item. If you play paintball at an organized field or in tournaments, it's critical that you be able to control the muzzle velocity at which you shoot. The Radarchron is a small hand-held paintball chronograph that will tell you exactly how fast you're shooting. $70 at Amazon.com.

I hope these ideas have helped if you're shopping for a paintball player.

Full disclosure: I'm an Amazon Associate, so I'll get a little kickback if you buy from any of the Amazon links. That doesn't affect the price you pay. I don't get anything from the other sites.
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